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People live with in in-life sound from birth till the last. ACTUWARD is trying to change a cliché conventional speaker system to entirely new sound system through innovative technology.

“SOUND STICK”, invented by ACTUWARD with patented base technology, beyond the limit of innovation, is the world 1st and world only technology for stick and flat vibration driver, it overcome the limit of conventional actuator.

You meet ACTUWARD “Sound Stick”, you can see magic, all things would be changed to audible device. This, you put it “Sound Stick” into frame(box), put it on table or attach it to grass window, whatever, you can hear good sound, coming from those things.

ACTUWARD, eventually made true innovation in sound technology field , nothing changed in 120 years, will make all efforts to become one of the world top tier companies, towing new in-life sound market with the most updated technology.